Center for Climate Systems Modeling (C2SM)

Welcome to the C2SM User Landing Page!

Here we collect helpful information for scientists and partners about the C2SM core team, tasks, support, models, tools, datasets and much more.

Table of contents

Core Team

The C2SM Core Team - or C2SM’s Executive Office - currently employs six scientific programmers. Their work is distributed among the following areas:

  • Tasks from the Working Groups
  • Maintenance of supported models, tools and datasets
  • Regular support for users
  • EXCLAIM project
  • Organisation of workshops

Executive Director

Scientific Programmers

Further staff

Further information about C2SM project staff and previous core team members can be found at our ETH website.

How to get Access

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to get access to the C2SM organisation. This will allow you to submit new tasks, receive support from the C2SM Core Team and have access to supported models and tools.

  1. Create an account on GitHub.
  2. Get access to the C2SM GitHub organisation.
    • Reach out to your group’s technical contact and provide them with your GitHub account name. They will be responsible for adding you to the appropriate user group.
    • If you do not know who your group’s technical contact is, please send an email to

Are you a new member of the C2SM community?

  • Designate a technical contact within your group, preferably a permanent member who is familiar with technical aspects.
  • Contact us by visiting our office in person or by emailing us at
  • Once contacted, we will initiate the setup of your group’s user group on GitHub for effective collaboration.

    C2SM on GitHub

C2SM maintains two GitHub organizations to distribute code to the community.


This is our main GitHub organisation, which contains many repositories, including ICON.


The C2SM-RCM organisation contains all codes related to COSMO and tools like EXTPAR. For questions and access, please contact Jonas Jucker.